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News Items Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2001 by Rick
This NewsPro service supports all areas of WestLog.com and RicksNotes.com. Items here will support the WestLog main board/front page, RicksNotes, our HQ-Military news, Family news, and Training news. If you have hot news items you would like me to consider for this board, email me and let me know. If it is appropriate for our news board, I'll put it up here. If it is more appropriately covered under one of the sub-boards, I will direct you to that sub-board's Message Board. You will see the various categories in the Message Board area when you access that page.
Thanks for visiting WestLog.com or RicksNotes.com.

NewsPro Installed and Running Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2001 by Rick
Today, George KF6ZTC completed installation of NewsPro as our News Service. George, of Netgirl Enterprises Web Design, is also our webmaster. His great talent can be easily seen by the quality of the boards, add-ons, systems, and areas of WestLog.com and RicksNotes.com. Thanks to George and Netgirl Enterprises Web Design for their support.

Thanks to RadioFest 2001 Team Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2001 by Rick
To RadioFest 2001 Team Members,

Congratulations and thank you for a job well done.  This was the most successful one-day event of its kind I've seen in the ham radio world.  Everything went smoothly.  The whole day was exciting and fun for everyone involved. 

From set up to break down, things went without a hitch.  It is heartening and exciting to be part of a team.  All of you were truly a team in the finest tradition.

There are two ways to describe "teamwork".  One is where a few folks give orders and cause lots of efforts to occur, making the team work.  The other is where there are things to do and the members of the team pitch in and get things done, smoothly, expertly, fast and friendly.  The RadioFest team proved that the latter is the way of all those in our ham radio family.  Everyone pitched in and did what they do best.  The environment was positive and exciting throughout the day. 

Guests and event staffers routinely and often heaped praise and thanks upon the event and all who put it on.  The day was full of moments of wonder as we kindled intense interest and excitement about ham radio among our guests.  Several who didn't know what ham radio was prior to RadioFest attended the Getting Started talks and were so excited that they took the Technician exam at the event.  The first examinee to finish his test was one of these total newcomers to ham radio, and is now a ham.  He passed his test.  We had dozens pick up their packets of training materials, buy the books and set out to earn their licenses.  The Morse code station excited dozens and led to heavy sales of Morse code training tapes and materials.  Another exhibitor mentioned that at least 50 to 60 guests praised the Morse code display and their interest in learning Morse code.  High tech modes were equally motivating for guests of all ages.  I helped several kids from 11 to 16 get their materials and books to earn their licenses.

Being a ham in the Monterey Bay area has been great, and with the positive, invigorating, exciting results of another super successful RadioFest, it is even better today, and best tomorrow.  Thank you again to each and every one of you who participated in RadioFest. 

73 es CUL de KN6FR

We're Back Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2001 by Rick
Thanks to George (KF6ZTC), the new WestLog.com and RicksNotes.com sites are up and running.

Hey.. another headline for WestLog.com Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2001 by Rick
Thats right folks, We have a new newsposting service here so Rick can post news and info when ever he wants to. Stay tuned for news and updates and anything else Rick feels like posting here while I show him how to work this whole site!

Thanks for visiting WestLog.com and please check back soon to see the new stuff we have planned!

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